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Toasty Toes for All Albertans This Winter!

toasty toesHave you ever had the experience of cold, wet toes in your boots that you just couldn’t get warmed? Of course you have… we live in Alberta! Now imagine that feeling every single day of the winter. Every year thousands of Albertans go through winter without warm, dry socks.
Now YOU have the opportunity to help! West Valley Chiropractic, along with many other chiro clinics, have partnered with United Way and Woods Homes in the Toasty Toes campaign. Our goal is to collect 25,000 pairs of socks to be distributed in shelters and to programs across the Province.

Simply drop off a pair or a package of NEW socks at the clinic before Sept 30th (that’s in just a few days!!!)

Every single pair helps!
Thanks to all who have contributed,
The West Valley Chiropractic Team

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