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Hypnotherapy in Cochrane

What is Hypnotherapy?

consultationHypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is an intentional way of tuning into the subconscious (or non-analytical) mind in order to address unwanted habits, some physical ailments, and feelings of distress. It can also help us to tap into more of our potential – taking action instead of hesitation, and moving more in the direction of where we want our lives to go, instead of staying stuck in the mud, so to speak.

Hypnosis Helps to Address Blind Spots

If you knew what the problem was and how to fix it, you would have already fixed it. People who come in for hypnotherapy do so because they want help with a problem they haven’t been able to solve on their own.

When someone is hypnotized, they will often go into what is called a hypnotic trance. This is when someone is ‘in the zone’, accessing their subconscious mind. This can look different for everybody. While some individuals may appear almost asleep, others may carry on interacting as they would during a regular conversation. In fact, outside of formal hypnosis, going in and out of trance is believed to be a common, everyday occurrence. Examples of this could include daydreaming; being entirely focused on reading a book and blocking out distractions; driving to a destination and not remembering how you got there. With hypnotherapy, we get into trance more intentionally so you can reach your goal more efficiently.

A common myth about hypnosis is that when you are hypnotized, the person guiding you into hypnosis can make you do and say things without your control. Although an entertaining thought, this is not true. You are in control the whole time, and cannot be forced to say or do anything you do not wish to say or do.

Hypnosis has a reputation for helping people with an exceedingly large variety of topics. Although I enjoy the opportunity to work on new-to-me challenges, these are some areas I have focused on:


These seem to be especially challenging in Alberta, where our barometric pressure changes drastically and frequently. Hypnosis has the potential to reduce/eliminate migraines in a lasting, non-invasive way.


It happens to the best of us. The demands and stress of busy lives can leave us feeling drained and unable to cope well. Hypnosis can offer an outlet to unpack this, and help change the trajectory.


Have you ever put something meaningful off for what seems like forever? Most of us have experienced procrastination in some shape or form. Hypnosis can help to break this cycle and get you into action that feels right for you.

Feeling Stuck/Wanting More Out of Life

The opposite of overwhelm? Underwhelm. You feel like you want to be doing something more or different, but you can’t seem to shake what’s holding you down, or just aren’t sure what direction you want to go in. Hypnosis can help you gain clarity and resolve, so you can move forward with direction.

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