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About Us

Do you wish you had more energy? Would you like to engage in all the activities you enjoy without pain or discomfort? If you answered yes, we want to meet you! If you haven’t been living an abundant life that includes optimal health, we want to help you change that at West Valley Chiropractic. Dr. Amanda Tulk and her husband Dr. Aaron Todd opened the practice in 2006, and are passionate about providing natural, life-changing chiropractic care to our beautiful community.

Optimizing Your Life

Dr. Aaron Todd talking with chiropractic patient. You weren’t meant just to survive, but to thrive. We feel that too many people settle for a so-so life. Our clear goal at the practice is for every patient to overcome health challenges and leave our office a better version of themselves.
At our practice,

  • We believe that measuring is knowing
  • We believe in walk-in appointments
  • We believe in Chiropractic Without the Crunch
  • We believe in whole families getting adjusted
  • We believe in greeting you by name
  • We believe that if we can’t help, we will find someone who can

Determining the Why

We find that individuals will often struggle with pain or chronic conditions for a long time and just accept those issues. But, as soon as it begins to impact their day, they often will request chiropractic care. For example, if low back pain is affecting a golfer’s game and limiting how far that person can drive the ball, then the golfer is likely to seek care. Or, an Olympic bobsledder who deals in thousands of a second may request care if they feel like their condition is slowing them down. By finding out the why behind a visit, we can tailor care to meet your goals.

Restoring Hope and Health

Often, we see people come into the office who communicate that they’ve lost hope and didn’t know what else to try. While we always love it when individuals look to us as their first choice in health care, we are gratified when they do seek our assistance. They often say after they’ve had care, “I had no idea I could feel this good!” You can see the excitement in their eyes. To go from no hope to living again and enjoying their lives and doing the things they’ve wanted to do is incredibly fulfilling for us.

Start living a healthier, more satisfying life with natural chiropractic care. Book an appointment for you and your family today!

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