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About Us

Once upon a time, in 2006, a husband-and-wife team Dr. Aaron Todd and Dr. Amanda Tulk established West Valley Chiropractic in Cochrane.

From the moment they stepped foot in Cochrane, they knew it would be an ideal place to raise their family and start their business. With the town’s proximity to the city and the mountains, the best of both worlds could be enjoyed. This family-oriented community provided the perfect location for their natural healing centre.

In the beginning, our practice was focused solely on chiropractic. We were a classic mom-and-pop shop. Just the two of us and our big dream!”
Dr. Tulk

As their practice grew, so did their connections with other health practitioners providing complementary treatment options for their patients. The big dream of a multidisciplinary health care facility seemed to be taking shape.

They soon realized that bigger premises would be required. In May 2019, West Valley Chiropractic moved into their 2600-square-foot office on Railway Street. This new location provided room for the vast array of collaborative health services for the best patient care, all under one roof:

Looking at the Whole Picture of Your Health

You can’t compartmentalize when it comes to your well-being. Health isn’t about the absence of pain. By offering a myriad of services at one location, we bring convenience and options for our clients.

Our Vision: Inspire Millions to Thrive

Our Mission: Share Genuine Human Connections

Our Purpose: Build Strong Kids, Healthy Families and a Cohesive Community


Be the Best You

We are passionate about seeing people achieve the best version of themselves. Being a part of that process is truly a privilege. Our patients tell us they sleep better, can swing a golf club again, or have the energy to play with their grandkids! Or that they’re free from pain and can now take that adventure vacation they’ve always dreamed of. They tell us, “I haven’t felt this great in years.”

Many of our patients were suffering for decades with painful conditions such as headaches and migraines. It’s a great feeling to help someone get their life back!”
Dr. Todd

Whether your condition is something new, or you’ve been suffering for years, there are so many options for relief that are available! We encourage you to give us a try.

Free Consultations Available

We are pleased to offer consultations with our practitioners at no cost. Contact us today to schedule your time!


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