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Community Update

Clinic Information and Resources

Here are the latest updates from West Valley Chiropractic on events as they are unfolding. Bookmark this page for announcements, resources and more.

Sept 18, 2021 – Vaccine Passport NOT Required at the Clinic

There has been much confusion and uncertainty around the latest Gov’t announcement.  As such, we thought we would update you on the most recent public health restrictions and how it affects your visits to West Valley Chiropractic.

Alberta Health has confirmed that the new business restrictions DO NOT APPLY to regulated health professions. Chiropractic clinics are not required to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program  (a.k.a vaccine passport) or other business restrictions.

(Masking requirements implemented September 4, 2021, remain in effect for all public spaces, including clinic settings.)

As always, we remain committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your health care needs.  We feel so fortunate for the ability to continue to serve you amidst these changing times. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.


Dr. Todd, Dr. Tulk & the West Valley Chiro and Collaborative Health team

Nov 25, 2020 – Clinic Remains Open

We’ve been quiet for a while in the community updates, but with this new announcement, we wanted to make sure you were all aware that you are still able to come to the clinic!

The Alberta government declared a new State of Public Health Emergency and introduced sweeping new measures to combat rising COVID-19 case numbers in the province. These new measures are effective November 24, 2020, and will be re-assessed in three weeks’ time. All existing guidance and legal orders from all levels of government also remains in place.

For chiropractors and their patients, the best news came with the announcement that, “Doctors and other regulated health professional can continue to care for their patients in-person.” YAAYYY!

We are grateful for the opportunity to keep our doors open to continue to provide you with a safe environment to continue to receive your treatments at the clinic. Please remember to wear your masks while in the clinic, and continue to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival and departure. We appreciate everyone who has been diligently completing our COVID email surveys prior to arrival. It definitely helps in maintaining an efficient appointment experience.

Thank you once again, for your incredible community support. We live in an amazing town with incredible people.

As we enter this Christmas season, remember kindness and grace. We are all in this together.

And keep your eyes peeled for some fun holiday contests and prizes coming up to bring in that Christmas Cheer!

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro and Collaborative Health Team

Sept 1, 2020 – Construction Update… We’re ALMOST there!!!

Railway St W has been REOPENED at the 5th Ave intersection for local traffic (which is us!). New temporary entrance to the clinic is through the parking lot just west of the bowling alley. You’ll see signs and pylons to direct you around the back of the bowling alley and into our parking lot.

We’ve been notified that our original driveway is scheduled to be accessible by Friday Sept 4th. Woo hoo!!!

We know it’s been a bit disruptive with the pounding as they stomp down the gravel to level it all off for the pavement… consider it a free “vibrational therapy add-on” to your treatments! LOL Thank you everyone, once again for your patience (and sense of humour) with all of the changes.

We hope you have all been enjoying the weekly prize basket giveaways. We sure have had fun exploring prize options, and promoting these local gems. It’s so important to be able to connect and support each other during tough times. This Friday we have TWO prize baskets being drawn… so stay tuned to our social media stories for details. @westvalleychiro

See you soon!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro and Collaborative Health Team


August 24, 2020 – Crosswalk closed

Construction update! For those who have been utilizing the crosswalk in front of the library to access the clinic, please note that the construction has shifted, and the crosswalk is now closed until further notice.

At this time, the easiest access to the clinic is from 5th ave – a driveway has been created between Railway St and the train tracks that is accessible from both North and South bound traffic. Keep an eye out for signs for “Access to Railway St Businesses.” Traffic is directed through the vacant old Dodge parking lot and around the back of the bowling alley.

(Foot traffic can still cross at the intersection from 5th Ave by Shopper’s Drug Mart, and walk along the sidewalk in front of the Bowling Alley to the clinic.

Just a reminder that we are still running our Weekly Prize Draws, with prizes sourced from local Cochrane businesses! We’ve had so much fun in continuing to #SupportLocal. Several of our featured businesses have also been providing coupon codes for us to share with our members! So check out our posts on FB & IG @westvalleychiro for more info.

Fingers crossed that the construction ends as projected, in September! Until then, we appreciate your continued patience.

Dr. Todd, Dr. Tulk and the West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health Team


July 15, 2020 – Updated Parking lot access due to construction

Business access-Fifth Ave (click to view aerial map)

As of last Friday, July 10th, access to the Railway St parking lot has been changed. The current entrance is via 5th Ave – a driveway has been created between Railway St and the train tracks that is accessible from both North and South bound traffic. Keep an eye out for signs for “Access to Railway St Businesses.” Traffic is directed through the vacant old Dodge parking lot and around the back of the bowling alley.

We thank you again for your patience as we update you with the latest changes. As a token of our appreciation for “navigating the bumps in the road”… and… because we LOVE any opportunity to bring more FUN to our lives… we have decided to hold weekly prize draws for our awesome patients! Your name will be automatically entered into the draw for every appointment you attend at the clinic for the duration of the summer. Prizes will be sourced from our local Cochrane businesses, as we continue to #supportlocal

So, when the construction gets you thinking: “Maybe I’ll just cancel this appointment…”, REMEMBER your chance to WIN when you keep your appointments! (And we mean WIN with better health, aaaannnnddd WIN some great prizes!!!)

Thanks for your continued support and patronage. We appreciate you!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health Team

July 6, 2020 – Railway St road construction has begun

Well guys, we’ve been thrown another curveball… Road construction. Fear not, though. The clinic and all of our services will continue to provide you with the utmost in patient care. Rest assured, our hours remain unchanged, and we will not be closing. We endeavour to be in constant contact with the construction team to give you the most updated routes and easiest access to the clinic as the road project progresses. Follow us on Facebook & on Instagram @westvalleychiro for the most current pulse on road closures and re-routing.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the clinic at 403 851-8868 to speak to one of us in person, or use the form on the Contact Us page to send us a message.

Once again, thank you for your patience as we navigate through these new challenges.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health team.


It brings us great joy to welcome you back for ALL services at West Valley Chiropractic & Collaborative Health. You’ve been waiting so patiently for this day! We encourage you to call the clinic, or fill out the appointment request form on our Contact Us page. Online booking will once again be available for Acupuncture, Massage and Fascial Stretch Therapy. We anticipate these services to be in great demand, as everyone has been missing them, so don’t wait! Call to reserve your appointment time today. And please remember to provide 24 hours notice for any appointment changes or cancellations. See you soon!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro and Collaborative Health Team


We are so happy to announce that we have officially been given the GREEN LIGHT to re-open for chiropractic services! Effective May 4th (that’s TODAY!!) we are available to see patients again.

Judging from the emails, text messages and phone calls, it sounds like you are all ready for your next check up. Dr. Todd and Dr. Tulk are both available to get you back to feeling great and living well. Rest assured, there are very specific cleaning and distancing requirements put in place to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable when they come into the clinic. Follow us on social media (or check out our post below: A Message About COVID-19 Measures) for updates on the specific measures we’ve taken to protect you and your health.

Give us a call to book an appointment for yourself or your family members at 403 851-8868. We’re excited to hear from you, and to see your smiling faces again!

See you very soon!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiropractic Team

March 31, 2020

As you are aware, to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, our office is now closed, and there are no practitioners on-site during regular office hours. Emergency cases are asked to call 403 354-2124 to consult with one of the doctors via phone. All other non-urgent inquiries, please utilize our “contact-us” page.

If you had an appointment scheduled in March or April, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to reschedule to a future date. This situation continues to change on an ongoing basis. Your patience, as we navigate these changes is greatly appreciated.

Psychological support continues to be offered via telephone or video-conference from our dedicated registered psychologist, Lindsay Savitskoff. She can now be contacted directly at

Reach out if you need us! We’re here to help. We are all in this together.

Be well. Stay inspired!

-Dr. Todd, Dr. Tulk and the West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health Team

March 28, 2020

Yesterday afternoon, the province of Alberta mandated a closure for another number of in-person services. The press release can be found here.

West Valley Chiropractic has already been operating in this manner for the last week.

As stated previously, regulated health professionals can continue to provide urgent, critical and emergency care to patients. However, these businesses are not permitted to provide any other (in-person) service to their patients if it does not constitute urgent, critical or emergency care. If you are experiencing a condition that necessitates urgent chiropractic intervention, please call 403 354-2124 to immediately consult with one of the doctors.All other non-urgent inquiries can be addressed by sending us a message through our “contact us” page.

The Government of Alberta is trying to limit non-essential close interactions in the community in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while at the same time keeping people out of emergency departments for services that regulated health professionals can provide in the community.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through these rapidly changing times.

West Valley Chiropractic remains committed to your health and well-being through this time of change and uncertainty. Please feel free to reach out to us via email, or by using the “contact us” page on the website. We are available to answer questions, or provide home-care suggestions wherever possible. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, as our team is working on providing movement, stretching and strengthening tips to keep your body mobile during this time when in-person services are not available.

Psychological support continues to be offered via telephone or video-conference from our dedicated registered psychologist, Lindsay Savitskoff. She can now be contacted directly at

Reach out if you need us! We’re here to help. We are all in this together.

Stay safe everyone!

Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiropractic & Collaborative Health Team

March 20, 2020

Needless to say, we are all in limbo with this global crisis, and dealing with changes by the hour. It has been a strenuous time for all of us.

Our priority at West Valley Chiropractic, first and foremost, is your health and safety. It was determined this afternoon that to reduce the spread of COVID-19, chiropractic offices should put a pause on all non emergency services. The recommendation and suspension are effective starting Monday, March 23, 2020, and will remain in place until further notice.

Emergent care is defined as follows:

  1. The patient is in an acute condition where they would be severely physically limited from basic daily activities without chiropractic care
  2. The patient is in a sub-acute condition that if left untreated would be vulnerable to an acute flare-up that could leave them severely physically limited from basic daily activities.
  3. Patients who are not experiencing an acute or sub-acute condition as described above, such as someone who has had a slight twinge after their run, are not considered emergent care.

To that end, all regular chiropractic appointments will be postponed until further notice. We will keep you up to date with whatever direction we receive from our regulatory board and Alberta Health Services.

Although regular appointments are not being offered right now, we still intend to support you through this time. We will be offering online tips and any links to other useful information to help keep you both mentally and physically well through this time. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, to access this information. The goal of maintaining a healthy level of exercise is to mitigate any loss of momentum with your spinal health that may occur with this pause in your care. Our team of practitioners will be available for phone consultations, should the need arise.

We look forward to the near future when we can call this outbreak a thing of the past. We will get through this together. When the dust settles, we will be here, ready to get you back on track, and regain your momentum as quickly as possible.

Of course, we will be available in the event of a chiropractic emergency. In such an event, you can reach our office at 403 851-8868, or via email at You can also use the “contact us” section of our webpage at

The road ahead is unclear, but rest assured that West Valley Chiropractic and Collaborative Health is here to support you through this time. As soon as this crisis passes we’ll be ready to welcome you through our doors again.

March 16, 2020 – A Message About COVID-19 Measures

As a chiropractic and collaborative health clinic, we take the health and well-being of our community very seriously. As such, in the midst of all of the news regarding COVID-19, we felt it appropriate to inform you of what measures we are taking in the clinic to help ensure you always have a safe environment to visit.

Indeed, the risk of exposure worldwide is increasing. All of us need to be engaged in this response to limit the spread. We need to take logical action steps to modify, but still carry on in our daily routines. We need to start thinking about what our new normal will look like over the coming months. We need to consider a balanced and reasonable response to support and protect each other now and continue to live our lives.

We need to be diligent in covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands regularly, and staying away from others when we are sick. We need to take all of the appropriate measures to keep our minds and bodies resilient and healthy. This includes proper sleep, a healthy balanced diet, daily exercise and a healthy functioning nervous system and immune system.

At West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health, we are taking proactive steps to ensure we have the safest environment possible for all of our patients to continue to get the treatments they need. We would like to share some of them with you:


While our office is always cleaned to a very high standard, we have increased our sanitizing and disinfecting procedures on all surfaces that our patients or team come in contact with, (ie: door handles, counter tops, keyboards, pens, chairs, arm rests, adjusting tables etc.)


Your children will notice that we will have a handful of easily cleanable toys in the toybox. These toys will be disinfected several times daily.


You will notice that we are more frequently disinfecting tables. We ask that you please remember to obtain and discard your own face paper each visit to limit paper contact for our staff from table to table.


Multiple hand sanitizing options are available around the office for patients and our team.


We have invested in a Thermodynamic Air Sterilizing System (TSS) to consistently filter and kill bacteria and viruses in the air. These disinfection units are designed to quickly and effectively sterilize and circulate the air, to provide a fresh breathing environment for everyone.


We are changing our scheduling format to limit the number of people in the clinic at any given time. If you are arriving at a time outside of your regular scheduled appointment, or would like to pop in for an adjustment, kindly text the clinic at 587-794-0388, or call 403-851-8868. We will immediately let you know when we are able to accommodate your visit.


For any of our patients that are vulnerable or immuno-compromised, please call us to schedule a time outside of our regular office hours so that we can limit your exposure to the best of our ability. We can pre-sanitize your table prior to arrival and whisk you in and out when no one else is here!


Whenever possible, we will direct bill to your insurance company. Tap payments are available, and we will email your receipts to further limit your contact with any other surfaces.

Together, We Can Stay Healthy

This includes some of the significant actions we’re taking to make West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health the safest environment that you will be able to find anywhere!

Keep in mind these steps are above and beyond. For the basic lines of defense in what we can do to protect ourselves and others, consider the recommendations from Alberta Health Services:

  • Wash your hands often and well
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched
  • Cover your cough and sneezes and then wash your hands
  • Consider staying at home and away from others
  • AHS is asking those who feel ill to call 811 prior to visiting a hospital or clinic for care, if there is an immediate need for medical care call 911.

Together, we can protect each other and keep our communities healthy.


Dr. Aaron Todd, Dr. Amanda Tulk & the West Valley Chiro & Collaborative Health Team

West Valley Chiropractic | (403) 851-8868